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The Sphereon API platform offers solutions that enable you to easily add powerful Document
Processing and Blockchain functions to any application.

We offer Developers a wide array of advanced Document Processing and Blockchain functions that are exposed using RESTful APIs through our API gateways.
Using Sphereon’s Blockchain API enables you to create all kinds of innovative solutions.
A common use case is Proof of Existence, which allows you to sign and verify objects on a Blockchain. Using our Blockchain API it is possible to publish information on a public shared ledger that is fully immutable, since it is backed by the Bitcoin network. More elaborate options like Proof of Processing, Proof of Audit or ‘Smart contracts’ are also possible.
We offer standard out-of-the box integrations with Alfresco, SharePoint, Office 365 and others. Or we’ll gladly
help you with your integration.

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