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Warum zu IVT

As a trained heating engineer and graduate engineer in supply engineering, Roland Wörner knows what makes sense, which is ecologically and technically feasible. The basic training in craftsmanship provides a sound basis for translating the results of the calculations and concepts into meaningful and feasible planning.

In contrast to many colleagues, the engineering project IVT first plans and calculates the complete project and then creates the tender. Therefore, the planned quantities and products are realistic and rather are exceeded rather than exceeded.

Thus, no estimated bills of quantities are created in the Ruck Zuck process, which means that planning by the IVT engineering office is appreciated by architects, builders and even craftsmen.
Because what IVT plans has in hand and foot, and can be installed and realized exactly according to planning. Thus, all parties are immune from unpleasant surprises.

Choose the safe route and come to IVT with your planning

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